Friday, November 10, 2006

the garden in the snow

(uploading photos to Blogger has been impossible this week, so I've resorted to picassa!)

These photos are from the snowy days we had last weekend. Most of these photos were taken during a walk I took in the woods and gardens around my house. The snow has since melted.

I'm lucky that it's as mild as it is, because for some reason, we have just now discovered that there are 6 unanswered questions on the form regarding the furnace inspection that was done back in April.

I'm a little bewildered as to how it became my job (note, I am the tenant and nowhere on this inspection form does my name appear as the owner, etc.) to find the furnace technician who apparently is away hunting...Meanwhile, my oil tank is nearly empty. And, I am told that the new corporation which has taken over the independent oil supplier will not permit an oil delivery until said form is filled out. While it is mild, it's not mild enough to go without any heat at all!!

In fact, it was a little amusing to me (the dumb city-chick that I am). The very nice woman at the oil-dealer could clearly remember that the form on my house is incomplete, but could not remember where she had filed it. Suddenly it occurred to her to look under my landlord's name. To a city-chick, this seems nearly miraculous, because, besides identifying the property by its street address, I was calling my house the old "G. farm." The owner listed on the form is one of the four kids who inherited said G. farm, and is listed under her married name, of course. Plus, the oil-dealer-lady did not choose any of the other three owners who do not live locally. To a city-chick, this is almost spooky.

Without looking it up, in the city, someone working in the office of an oil-supplier like that would be quite unlikely to know, off the top of her head, information like that, I should think, except in the case of some of the larger landlords who seem to own everything in certain towns around here.

I'm enjoying the mild weather, anyhow.

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