Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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How to teach kids about healthy eating? There's lots of information out there, but it's all of no use if you can't find a way to get the kids interested and invested in eating for health as well as enjoyment.

Manufacturers and the fast-food/restaurant industry certainly are not going to do much to help parents find healthy alternatives for their kids. According to a recent story on cbc, nearly every combination of kids' menus out there is too high in calories and low on nutritional value. And we already know that the more food is processed and packaged, the more fat and sugar tend to be added and nutritional value removed.

A treat, in a kids mind, tends to be a sweet or fatty snack like a cookie or potato chips. And this gramma has already admitted here to being a failure as a snack-providing gramma to adored Granddaughter, who severely chastised this undersigned gramma for not obligingly providing the things Granddaughter likes to eat! Granddaughter's opinion was that grammas are supposed to do things grandchildren like. This gramma informed Granddaughter that there are all kinds of grammas in the world, and this gramma doesn't often have treats around that are sugary or fatty simply because this gramma doesn't have the willpower to avoid eating them all -- at one sitting! -- if they are around.

A recent teary confrontation between my daughter and Granddaughter around the healthy eating issue, had me wondering what is out there to help kids unlearn bad habits, and learn healthy new ones.

Here are some of the interesting links I found.

First, some parenting skills are in order. Here, some clear ideas as to when parents must take charge, and when kids can appropriately make independent choices, from Fit and Healthy Kids.

Some general guidelines as parents send kids back to school from EatRightOntario. And for some practical information about some of the nutrition issues that children face and how to correct or address these problems, check out Child/Toddler Nutrition.

PBS, always a reliable resource, has this for parents, as well as It's My Life: Body, which includes food smarts for kids .

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