Friday, August 14, 2009

country in the city

Last week's adventure was a kayaking "expedition" from Cherry Beach into the Toronto Islands' waterways.

view of the city sky-line from the water in the Eastern Gap

Headed toward the Toronto Islands in our two-man kayak, we round this breakwater and I'm amused by the orderly row of cormorants! Personal space seems to be quite a rigid idea among these water fowl.

Disturbed by our approach, the cormorants take flight.

The Toronto Islands are a pleasant surprise 20 minutes from the busy down-town. Easily accessible, one can get lost within their waterways and get a feeling not unlike being in the north country, only to catch a glimpse of the city again as one comes around one of the islands and looks northwards!

mute swans

storm clouds moving across the city

The edge of the storm catches us and we get a gentle lashing of warm rain before the sun comes out again.



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