Sunday, November 13, 2005

doggone adventures

After working a bit around the yard and house today, I went for a long walk around my beloved meadows. I was a little worried because the wind seemed to smell of rain. Looking toward the southwest, it looked like rain. But the walk was fine. I noticed interesting pathways across the split cedar rail fences, hollowed out trees, piles of the droppings of? what? I have no idea. The dogs paid the droppings little mind. Further on, they were much more interested in the hollow log and Misty tried to climb the remaining trunk and limbs of the dead tree. Raccoon? Porcupine? The droppings I mentioned earlier are not raccoon--I see lots of those in the barn, thank-you very much!

By the time we were nearing the last gate, Molly was dragging. Between munching on corn and lazing around without the walks she used to make with Ann, she is de-conditioning fast! I hope with the work I am doing to get in condition myself for skiing, Molly will benefit too.
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Molly, tired, homeward bound to snooze under the back porch for a couple of hours!

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Impossible to get Misty to stand still for the camera!


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