Tuesday, August 15, 2006

a little girl and butterflies

The corn is sooo-o-o-oo tall!

Granddaughter came for a long-awaited visit this past weekend. We had so many items on our Things To Do List, we were forced to conclude that Granddaughter has to visit again, soon! We couldn't even get to half of the things Granddaughter wanted to do.

Of course, on the list was "dressing up" in Auntie Alli's old dance-recital costumes. Also on the list was watching several movies, favorites of Granddaughter, who never seems to tire of watching them again and again. Playing the piano was a must-do and was done a lot. Swinging on the tire-swing and the "big swing" was done. Swimming in the pool was done too. Playing with Misty was done. (Granddaughter is afraid of Molly.)

Staying up late in the hopes of catching the meteor shower was done. (We were disapppointed by how the light from the lingering afterglow of sunset and then the moonrise obliterated the stars.)Reading bed-time poetry was done

... and Gramma was so tired she fell asleep with Granddaughter, instead of staying up a bit later and reading, as Gramma usually does!

Granddaughter helped Gramma capture a few photos of butterflies -- something Gramma has had trouble doing. We even almost got a photo of a tiny red sparkly dragonfly.
You will notice that this butterfly, an Eastern Comma, Polygonia comma, that Granddaughter understandably first thought was a Monarch, almost disappears when it folds up its wings, looking very much like an ordinary dry leaf. Granddaughter's sharp eyes helped Gramma re-locate it whenever the butterfly moved off and landed in a new place.
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