Tuesday, September 26, 2006

out of shape

Molly and I are out of shape.

Now that the cooler fall weather is here, it's easier for me to imagine running. So, I thought I'd start a gradual training regimen. The yoga does increase my heart rate a bit, but I think I need more cardio in my life. Remember, I noticed that I got quite winded when playing skipping with Granddaughter!

When I started out this morning on my run, Misty and Molly begged to come along. I had my doubts about Molly being able to keep up, but then, I had doubts about my own abilities!

Sure enough, about half-way around my chosen course, Molly fell far behind. I even doubled back once to see where she was! When I finished my run, I walked back to my favorite grapevine for a snack of sweet, sweet grapes. Still, no Molly.

Finally, quite a long time later, I spotted Molly slowly making her way up the laneway. Walking back to meet her and encourage her along, I found an exhausted dog covered in mud! I figured she had stopped for a drink in some of the puddles along the way, but couldn't quite understand why she was black with mud!

As we made our slow way back to the house, we encountered more puddles. Molly slurped up a big drink, then flopped, hindlegs splayed out, stomach down, into the mud! Ah-haa! Mystery solved.

We made our way back home this way: walking slowly along until the next mud puddle, drink, flop, pant-pant-pant! or walking slowly along until a shady patch of cool grass, flop, pant-pant-pant!

I can't decide if I should take her with me on my next run or not. Obviously, she has become de-conditioned over the summer, as I had not been taking the dogs for walks as frequently, while the mosquitoes in the woods were so vicious. I'll have to go for daily walks with Molly, in addition to my daily training regimen, to get her in shape. Hopefully she can better keep up with my runs, soon. The cooler weather will make things easier for her.

Misty would have been ready to run 10K or more, today!


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