Sunday, October 01, 2006

it's sunny, no it's raining, no...

Fall days. They can be quite bewildering, changing as often as a teenage girl changes her outfit. I think in the course of the afternoon already, we have had cloud, sunshine, rain, sunshine, partly overcast...

I pulled the glad bulbs out of the garden at last, breaking off several stalks. I'll have to dig up those bulbs. Then the rain came down. Then the rain stopped and the sun came out.

I decided to put on my shoes and go for a run. Want to hear something funny? At the Running Room, you can keep an online log of your workouts, including keeping track of the miles on your shoes. As my shoes are not new, I estimated how many miles they have on them...and they have been pronounced "expired"! For some reason, that struck me as extremely hilarous and I'm sitting here with Misty, the beagle, looking worried as I cackle away by myself. As euphimisms for death go, that is one I have heard quite often, so maybe I should contact a funeral home for my shoes...ha ha ha! Sorry. It probably doesn't strike anybody else as funny.

It occurred to me maybe I should post a photo of my shoes, before they are replaced by a more "alive" pair. ha ha ha.... Sigh. .. Sorry, I must have picked up a hilarity bug somewhere. Tears are streaming down my face!! ha ha ha


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