Wednesday, May 02, 2007

talk talk talk...

Well, its official. We are a talkative bunch of females in this house. Except for Misty, actually. Misty may not talk much, but she gets her point across very clearly with body language.

On the weekend, I entertained Granddaughter. Another talkative female, she announced early on that we should do everything she wants because she is the queen. I told her I am a goddess and that a goddess trumps a queen. No comment on that because it falls into the sphere of gramma's incomprehensible adult nonsense. Besides, gramma's thinking is suspect anyway because of a sad lack of knowledge of the latest Disney princesses. Pointed questions from Granddaughter quickly nailed down exactly the areas of deficient knowledge!

Granddaughter had been warned that Lily and Grace were not likely to make an appearance, being such a pair of very, very shy cats. Imagine our surprise then when Lily and Grace started talking to us in the middle of our movie. There we were, cuddled up on the loveseat to watch "High School Musical", when they started a loud commentary in the living room!

"What are you complaining about?" I asked.
"But there is food in your bowls, isn't there?"
"OK, I'll check."
"You're right. I'm sorry. I put some food in your bowls, ok?"

I sat back down with Kaylee to watch the movie. Shortly after that, we could see Lily and Grace going across the dining room to the laundry room. Kaylee's eyes were wide with amazement.

"I thought Lily and Grace were shy. I didn't think I was going to see them. They must be getting brave!"

The next night was even more peculiar. Lily and Grace came and sat at the door to my office, where we were sitting in the loveseat again watching another movie on the computer. Grace was the closest to the door. She and Kaylee exchanged a long, long look. Afterward, Kaylee was bursting with excitement. I told Kaylee that I was surprised too. At this rate, they'll soon be fighting for space with us on the loveseat!

Now, morning and night, Lily and Grace run around the house, talking and talking to each other. There seems to be a lot of complaining, judging by the tone. Maybe it is because they are disgusted by my cuddly dog who often crawls under the covers in bed with me at night. Maybe they dislike most everything about their new environment, much like American tourists who look for McDonald's in every foreign city. But anyway, they are very, very talkative.

And most mornings, there is evidence of much carousing that has gone on during the night, a box of matches that I keep near some big fat candles is knocked off a table to the floor, a decorative bag of scented dried flowers which usually hangs on the drawer pull of a small table has been used as a football and is left on the floor, a pot of African Violets is lying on its side on the floor under the kitchen window. I feel like I have a housefull of little kids again who don't pick up their toys.

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