Thursday, September 25, 2008


Some days are just weird, aren't they? The alarm goes, or was it some noise outside? Somebody across the park, or is it farther -- how sound carries at night! -- is screaming, angry. You're disorientated. What day is it? Or is it night? It's dark.

Aaah, you think. You remember now, it's the weekend, and you have the day off. You remember thinking about it when you went to sleep, how nice it is to have a long weekend off. It's the big weekend, too, of the race. No, no. What day is it??

Now, you are finally really awake. That's actually the d*** alarm going off. Why would you set the alarm if you had planned to sleep in on your day off? What day is it??

Oh, yeah. It's...let's's Thursday. You still have this one day of work to put in before your long weekend starts...aaaargh! You have to get out of bed. It's still so dark when you have to get up in the morning these days! You have to get ready for work while it's still dark.


Blogger Sky said...

oh, lordy, i remember those days. :) i can also remember getting up on saturday morning thinking i was late, flying to the bath for my shower only to realize i didn't have to go anywhere. it is wonderful to be retired!

5:32 a.m.  

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