Monday, April 06, 2009

hint, hint

I had a great laugh at this from the Dirt Divas and their now ?defunct blog. So I just had to share it with other gardeners, who I think, like me, can think of no better way to be romanced than this, whether it be for Mothers Day or any other day!

"-Darling. Take your woman out for breakfast and a long
leisurely drive, checkbook firmly tucked in your back pocket, and a little mood
music on the radio. Then hit the local nurseries that are brimming with colorful
plants and toys for your garden. Put a little romance in those flower beds.
Think of gardening as a couple’s thing that you do so the woman who runs your
weekends will let you watch the playoffs. A little champagne and showing off
your skills with a wheelbarrow will do wonders for your relationship."



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