Monday, September 19, 2005

happy birthday to me!

I have had a wonderful weekend. Even not finding some of the materials (papers) that I was searching for around town, has given me another excuse for a trip to Toronto! I'm sure I'll find the variety of art papers that I am looking for there.

On Saturday, I went to a Chopin concert in Lindsay. I went with Ann and her mother Beverly, who is visiting from Colorado. The artists, Donna Lee and Thomas Yu, are winners of the Canadian Chopin Piano Competition and are on their way to Poland to compete internationally. I have always loved Chopin anyway, all that colour and emotion, those lyrical, melodious phrases. Mood music! I had to close my eyes not to be distracted by the visual imput of the pianists "at work", so to speak.

And then, to top the evening off, the full moon was rising as we came out of the Academy Theatre!

Yesterday, I went to the Curve Lake Powwow. That was fascinating! The colour, the dress, and the insistent beat of the drums. I do wish I understood more of the languages and the meaning of some of the rituals. Much of it was in English. Things such as "Honour Songs" and a ceremony to honour the death of someone, I did sort of understand.

Being out-of-doors, however, even the saddest ceremonies had a certain down-to-earth aspect to them. The littlest children took part in much of the dance, and were gently directed by adults who modeled for them how to act. Some of the littlest children were more elaborately costumed than the adults!

At one point, a little girl, about two years old, decided that it would be most fun in the middle of a dance to lie down on the ground and look, laughing, up at the sky and the adults looking down at her as they moved past. She was picked up and put on her feet again by the young woman accompanying her. She lay down again, laughing. The young woman picked her up again. She lay down again...and again...and again...There was no scolding, no hitting, no anger. It was the most delightful variation on the dance, any dance, that I had seen for a long time.


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