Tuesday, November 29, 2005

do I believe in magic?

We watched the latest Harry Potter movie last night and the question arose:
Do I believe in magic?

Of course I do.

How can magic exist?

I don't think that question is reasonable in that magic is by definition something that defies logic. It is mysterious and beyond the possible of more concrete scientific or material terms.

That is exactly why the books and movies are so popular. We must have the mysterious in our lives. While I respect and require logic and concrete evidence for so many things in my life, I also require mystery and magic. It is my religion.

Mystery and magic make this world the awesome and beautiful and thrilling place it is. I don't want to hear any logical explanations for sunsets, snowflakes, ice crystals, the softness of a baby's skin, the tender brave shoots of green pushing out of the ground from daffodil bulbs in spring.

Great architects and landscapers wait for the "spirit of the place " to speak to them.

Enchanted places draw people like magnets and become famous spiritual places of retreat, meditation and connection.

Connection to what? What is the unity we seek? Does it matter what we call it? Community, communion, enlightenment...it's magic. And in poignant moments that are all too rare, it's as if our hearts stop and we break open just a little bit and realize how we are a tiny part of the everchanging cycle of life with all of the universe.

Does magic look like Harry Potter's world? Why not? I can easily believe there are fairies, goblins, elves, and the like, everywhere. The whole world is full of enchantment, but we are too busy, too bitter, too needy, too right, too sad....to see it.


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