Monday, November 21, 2005

eating out

What do you eat? a H. asked, when I said I hate to cook. Trouble is, I love to eat, so I have to cook, most of the time. But it does seem like last week, I did not cook--maybe one dinner that I took to my paying job. I did eat out a lot!

You don't mind eating out alone? H. asked.

Why-ever should I mind eating out alone? I go to places that I like, where the ambiance is friendly and where I think I might like the food. I often don't even retreat into my book or my sketch book (ideas from SARK)! I simply sit and stare at the people around me (How rude!!), but interesting! Sometimes, like when I just bought a new book, I read my book, like last week...

(read an interview with SARK, author of Succulent Wild Woman, and many other inspiring and healing books, here. )

I guess so...H. said. She sounded doubtful. I have noticed all sorts of people eating alone, actually. H. said. I thought that was pretty cool.

(in my mind I was thinking she thinks its sad...they have to eat alone.) So I told her my red wine story. See? Maybe now H. will eat out alone whenever she wants to and will realize that it is not only necessary sometimes, but fun! That young man of the red wine gave me a lovely gift which I am busy passing on to anyone who needs it!


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