Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Molly strikes again

Remember how I started thinking that Molly had finally given up on porcupines? Well, I should have known better when I saw her barking at that dead one -- was it yesterday?

I went out for a quick walk after supper, at dusk today. We were nearly home when Molly took off, bulldozed her way through a lundy fence and started barking and worrying a critter in the field on the other side. I knew immediately that it was the porcupine I had been seeing on and off near the large maple and oak. And I knew immediately that Molly had gotten too close! The sun had set and the light was fading fast, but even in that poor light I could see that Molly had a faceful of quills.

I got about half of the smaller quills out on my own, but it took over an hour. Ann helped me with the rest. I held Molly down and Ann pulled out the larger quills that had begun to work themselves in quite deep into Molly's nose and upper lip -- always on her left side. With Ann's help, we had the rest out in about 10 minutes.

Molly went outside for a break afterwards, lying flat out on the gravel in the driveway. I was so sure she was utterly exhausted that I didn't even worry when I saw one of our landlords' vehicles go past. Ann, who was outside for a look at the moon, said Molly took off like a shot after the car. What ever are we going to do with her?

While the other two dogs are car chasers too, they seem to have a bit more awareness of things around them and give up the chase pretty quickly. Molly however is so single minded in the chase of one tire that she is unaware of the other wheel coming up behind her. I think the only solution for now is to keep her tied outside. Let's hope and pray the leash never breaks.

As to porcupines! Well, I see we might have another adventure or two yet. We must try to avoid the hours of dusk and dawn for our walks. That might help.


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