Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It seems these days that customer service means: you should get x (someone else) to do it. I've just had three of the most frustrating days, trying to deal with Canadian Tire, Kia Roadside Assistance and Kia Customer Service.

This should not be a surprise to someone as cynical as me...I'm really trying to change that, actually, to have an attitude of optimism and positive thinking. On my spiritual path I have come to believe that what one's focus is, is what one attracts, like the woman who goes from abusive relationship to abusive relationship. She has complained about the abusive men in her past so much the universe is responding with: "You didn't like that last one? Wait 'till you see this one. He's really, really bad!!"

But I have to be honest, it's hard to be optimistic and positive, when so many people you hold near and dear shower you with all the negativity. Everybody seems to expect (and quickly tell you about everybody else they know who has the same negative thoughts, experiences and opinions) that dealings with corporations like the above will be full of frustrations and fine print, complications and hidden costs. And then, when you deal with people whose job it seems to be indeed to find ways not to deliver service you've been led to expect you should receive (advertised, warranties, etc.) and who are also very busy making sure you are shunted off to someone else as quickly as possible with the not-at-all- sincere "I'm sorry you feel that way" and "I'm sorry we cannot help you", you do start to wonder if customer service has been grossly misnamed.

All that aside, there are the few gems who keep my spirits up, Mike in particular, who assured me again today that I'll get through this too. Thank-you and hugs&kisses to Mike! Thanks for helping me stay sane!

In the meantime, I'm going off to read and study how to change my thinking to more positive vibes. Any props and suggestions you may have on how to do that are most welcome!!


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