Monday, April 24, 2006

still awol

I am still cooling my jets at my eldest daughter's home, trying to be patient about the time it's taking for my car to be repaired. At least, we now seem to have agreement that it is under warranty!

Son-in-law and I are suffering through a cold. I'm at the stage where I almost feel normal, but the voice is gone!

The biggest bonus to all this is the wonderful time I have had with my daughter and her family. But I do miss my own digs and dogs! Thank gods and goddesses for a housemate who I know is doing a great job looking after the beasties!

The other day, my granddaughter stayed home with me instead of going to her great-gramma's. We went to the park in a bitter wind. (She goes alternate days to junior kindergarten.)The day was sunny but so cold we came home after only a short time. But we had some adventures on the way. Here's the story we wrote about it together (minus the potty-mouth words that granddaughter was soooo tempted to include. At this stage in her life, potty-words send her into fits of giggles and she wants to include them everywhere!!)

"Kaylee went to the park today with Gramma. Teddy stayed home.
Kaylee found a bird's nest.
Kaylee found a ball.
Kaylee found a broken tennis ball.
Kaylee found a dandelion.
Kaylee found a red piece of glass.
Kaylee found a big dirty glove.
Kaylee found a little mitten .
Kaylee found a pink balloon in the mud.
Kaylee found a plastic grocery bag.
Kaylee saw a redwing blackbird.
Kaylee saw some feathers.
Kaylee can do yoga.
go go, granny! go go"


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