Monday, July 03, 2006

thrilling gifts of Nature

Here are some of the thrilling things I've seen recently in my travels in this region of Canada. I intentionally do not reveal the exact locations because picking/collecting beautiful wild flowers must be done responsibly and some of these plants are in danger of disappearing forever.

Tall meadow rue, Thalictrum polugamum, grows in swamps, streamsides and meadows. Here, virgin's bower, Clematis virginiana, is twining itself up and through the tall stemps of the meadow rue.
Showy lady's slipper, Cypripedium reginae, growing in a swampy, moist, woodsy area near Fenelon Falls is the tallest and most beautiful of our northern native orchids.

Yellow pond lily, Nuphar variegatum, in a stream. In the far background, the Fragrant water lily, Nymphata odorata, is barely visible.


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