Thursday, August 24, 2006

aaahh ! rain

After many days of hot, dry weather, the last couple of days have given us rain. The gardens appreciate it. Even such tough customers as the black-eyed Susans looked quite bedraggled for lack of water. However, I notice that the black-eyed Susans under the maple have not bounced back all that well. And we had plenty of rain. The cistern got topped up pretty nicely!

Progress on my thyme-walk goes slowly. Weeds are again threatening to take over the vegetable garden. I harvested lots of green beans and tomatoes. I was pleased to have my daughter relay a message from my son-in-law (he considers himself the official cook in their family) that any time I could send down some more vegetables to the city would be fine!

That intense pleasure that I derived from that remark made me wonder about myself and why I grow all this stuff. I can't seem to help myself. I always grow far more than I could ever need. Really, I should organize myself and see if there is a food bank or some such organization locally that could benefit from all my surplus! But not even that could please me the way it did to know that my children are enjoying what I've grown! It's not even conceit (although I will admit I am conceited). It's deeper, more primal than conceit.

Maybe it's the same reason my mother-in-law always used to press her delicious home-made bread on us when we were leaving after a visit. Even after all these years, I wouldn't mind some of that bread, simply toasted on it's own with little butter....Something of herself is in that bread. Her hands kneaded it and shaped it. Her love is in it.

Does it sound crazy to say my love is in my garden? in the flowers and vegetable that grow for me? love for the soil, the air, the sunshine, the water? love for this place, the sky, the landscape, the lake? Actually, I confess I'm always amazed when things grow for me, every single time. I think it's a wonderful thing, a miracle. I actually, even after all the sweat, sore muscles and calluses, I think I'm just a by-stander, watching in wonder how things grow, as if in spite of my clumsy interference!!

Did I not tell you that gardeners are crazy? Oh. Well this should prove it.


Anonymous marja-leena said...

No, it does not sound crazy to say how your love is in your garden and everything around it. I feel the same way, though I don't have a big vegetable garden like you! If I were nearby, I'd love a little of your extra bounty.

1:32 p.m.  

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