Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm rude

I'm rude!

A news item on cbc radio this morning said that Ontario Hydro has said that office workers prefer to let the elevator doors close, even when they know that someone is approaching the elevators and wants to get on. Ontario Hydro said that it would be more efficient to hold the elevator doors open until the elevator is full.

...All right, it should be said that there may be a lot of reasons that people let the doors close on someone. Maybe they don't like the person who is about to get on, maybe it's someone with whom they have an issue.

In any case, I'm one of those people! And what would my reasons be?

Sometimes it has been because I was running late and I wanted the elevator to make no stops, thinking that way, I'd arrive on my floor just a little sooner. Sometimes, I see the people who are about to get on, and (I know, I know, I know -- I'm being really really rude) these people are grubby, behaving oddly, or look like they might ask me questions I don't want to bother answering. Then, sometimes, I just feel antisocial. I want the elevator to myself. Or, sometimes, I feel nasty. Ha-ha, I got on the elevator and you didn't!

And all along, here I was thinking it was my dirty little secret--that nobody would ever know. It was my own quiet corner of wickedness that I could indulge in without seriously hurting anyone...I think I'm mad at Ontario Hydro for outing me!!


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