Saturday, October 14, 2006

wild thoughts

OK. Yesterday was a sortof break from wildness; but that was just so that the weather could take a deep breath before really breaking out today! I woke to calm, sunny-blue skies. Suddenly, I was retrieving the dogs indoors out of the hail storm. Then it was a mixture of all three: rain, hail, snow. Then the sun came out, briefly. Then, about half-way across the cornfield curtains of hail and snow marched from west to east, while here in the house, I sat in sunshine, looking out my window at the bizarre display. Now, it is quite calm, only a gentle breeze. There is blue sky to the north, dark grey clouds to the south. (note, i did start to write this mid-afternoon, but had trouble uploading photos via blogger...)

What is one to think of all that? All intentions I had of putting the house to rights after four days of almost non-stop go-go-go have vanished. (OK, I'll admit, your idea of go-go-go and mine are probably miles apart, as having to show up at a paying job for more than three days in a row easily sends me over the edge into an emotional storm to rival today's weather!!)

So what have I been doing on my long-awaited day off? Well, first I made a large pot of coffee. Then I turned on the computer and started browzing through, wherever links spontaneously looked interesting or thought-provoking, sites about nursing and medical humour, (more than 50% of my siblings are in the healthcare field), and about Alaska (one of my brothers lives in Homer).

I didn't know it yet, but my coffee was getting quite cold while I was happily distracted for hours perusing the photos of street fashion in Helsinki.

Maybe -- no, I really was -- getting dizzy from lack of caffeine and food, in that order, I started laughing because I remembered another interesting site I stumbled upon in much the same way many years ago.

But first, let me try to explain why I thought this was funny. (I did make a fresh pot of coffee.) Fashion reminds me of my mother. My mother, my sister, and now my oldest daughter, are the fashionistas in my family. Me? Well, just look at my deliberately and thoughtfully chosen outfit of today:


Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Since you warned us that the Helsinki fashion site was addictive, I just had to look - and also wandered through a lot of pages. I have no fashion sense for myself, but loved the outfits on this site. What fun! What creative individuals! This link is getting passed around.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

3:18 p.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

I suspect that the street fashions in most large cities would be fascinating. Even in my small town of Fenelon Falls, I love the "contra" attitude of the teenagers I see during their breaks from the local highschool. I stupidly asked a kid once, why the blue hair. He looked at me as if I had lost my mind: "uh, I dunno...because it's cool."

3:31 p.m.  

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