Friday, November 03, 2006


What a relief it is sometimes, to be able to say hardly anything at all and someone who knows you well, someone who has known you for years, reads everything between the lines, right into your heart.

D. said to me last night, "You know, I thought it was the tuna, when my cat died. The vet said it wasn't. But I couldn't stop thinking it was the tuna."

She has had a new cat living with her now for a while. This cat never, ever gets fed tuna. D. is not prone to silly superstitions. In fact, D. is one of the most brilliant, skilled nurses I have ever known. I believe she really doesn't let this new cat eat tuna, but the story is about more than that. It's D's gift of reassurance, love and understanding to me. And I am grateful!

How wonderful it would be, I thought, if we could simply never, ever feed our beloved families or pets tuna and thus ensure their safety and well-being forever and ever!


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