Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the city

This is not what you expected to see, is it?

Errands took me to the city yesterday and it was a lot quieter than I expected. The impending storm that was forecast, probably scared a lot of people and those that did not have to go downtown, didn't. They were getting snow down there that we did not get up here in the Kawarthas, wet sticky stuff that thankfully melted almost right away as it hit the pavement, but as you can see, made the trees in the Don River Valley very pretty. Anyway, leaving the city during rush hour wasn't even half as bad as it can usually be.

There are some very pretty neighborhoods in the city where I could easily picture myself living. I wish I had taken pictures of some of those areas that I did visit on my errands yesterday, but the idea occurred only in hindsight.

One of my errands took me to the Mountain Equipment Coop, a place I have decided I love. However, I was already getting tired and hungry, so I didn't have the energy to finish the shopping I wanted to do. Trying on clothes is among the worst things in the world, in my opinion. I love looking at clothes, but trying on clothes is way down near the bottom of my list of things I want to do.
One of the most paranoid ideas that always pops into my head is the fear that the store has security cameras in the change rooms...And me irritated and frightened by the queer lighting in most change rooms that always makes my complexion look oddly green, my hair standing on end with static electricity, struggling into and out of clothes I'm not sure will fit anyway...NOT a pretty picture.

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