Friday, February 23, 2007

On cbc radio this morning, I heard part of an interview with a Vancouver ?architect who spends part of the year living in Greece. He read a bit from his book about how we see or read architecture, how our eye naturally travels to the outer limits, the edge. He talked about how as a Canadian living in Greece, he was living at his "edge" and was an embodiment of the "edge" for the villagers in the little Greek village that is his home.

I started to wonder if that is what living out here in my lovely rural home is for me, my own edge, my own frontier.

And I started to wonder if Ethiopia will be another "edge" for me and how it will be to be the "edge" for the Ethiopians I meet. Hmmnnn. And here I thought I was going for reasons of nostalgia, to revive forgotten childhood memories.

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