Wednesday, November 09, 2005

new toys/ puzzles

Yes, I finally got myself a digital camera. That's very exciting. But...I have spent nearly one and a half hours today, figuring out how to simply download the images onto my computer. Finally, I realized I had all sorts of things plugged into all the available USB ports...Aaa-ny-how!

I had to work like mad last week to make up some of the time I took off from my paying job to go on the road trip I least it seems like that. I have finally had the last three days to myself. On Monday--well, actually Sunday afternoon--the power went out as a result of a tree downed by the wind of the Sunday afternoon storm. It did not come back on until Tuesday morning, ie yesterday.

It was a revelation to me how programmed I had made myself to do stuff. When suddenly all the plans I had made for my Monday were kiboshed due to lack of electricity, I was adrift! I drifted to our local Tim Horton's to get some coffee and refilled Ann's thermos, I drove around aimlessly, taking some pictures of stuff up on Pinery Road near Kinmount and Burnt River, I filled up some water jugs from the lake for such things as the toilet (no power, no pump for the well)...I couldn't even knit because my current knitting project is of black wool, terribly hard on the eyes in candle-light. I was trying to read by candlelight, when Ann pointed out how programmed I was, trying to do, do, do, do....when all I had to do was be.

I finally gave in and enjoyed a quiet evening of watchng the fire, thoughts aimless and peaceful.

Yesterday dawned sunny and fairly warm. I went for a long walk with the dogs, minus Molly. She got distracted by a huge raccoon who teased her from the safety of the big willow tree. No meal for you there, Molly. And oh yes, before all that, I had a wonderful, hot shower--aaahh!

All day yesterday and today, either Ann or me can be heard saying something like "I love running water!" "I love being able to use the stereo." "I love having the microwave." "I love being able to put the kettle on!" Why does it take a little bit of deprivation to make us more grateful?


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