Saturday, December 10, 2005

first crush

Was I holding her hand? Were any of my younger siblings with us that day? It doesnt' matter. What matters was that suddenly he was there, coming down the sidewalk towards us. Him!
I was seven years old, he was in my class at school and he was beautiful.

As he came closer, I must have gripped my Mom's hand pretty tightly.

Then, with a casual 'hi', he passed us, and I stopped breathing.

"Who's that?" my Mom asked, curious.

Couldn't she tell that he was the most beautiful boy in the world?

"That's him," I explained. "H-Him!" A little boy that in my memory had straight brown hair and laughing brown eyes.

"That little boy?" my Mom asked.

"Yes, he's the one I told you about!"

She laughed. "There's nothing wrong with him, but, I mean, he's nothing special!"

I was horrified. Didn't my Mom see how obviously beautiful he was?


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