Saturday, December 10, 2005


My darlings and people who know me, know that I love popcorn!
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My love affair with popcorn goes way back, back to when I was absolutely too young to be having love affairs at all.

A few years ago, when I lived in an apartment building in town, my daughters said they could get off the elevator on our floor and before even entering our apartment, they could tell I had made popcorn because they could smell it in the hall!

I remember Saturday nights, before we got old enough to be wanting to go out to the movies or to school-sponsored happenings on Saturday nights, my parents would make popcorn. We had often had company for a big meal at lunch on Saturdays, so for supper, we just snacked on apples and popcorn. And we played board games or card games. I used to love Chinese Checkers the best.

Now this is going back, you know, to before we got a television. You see, it took my Mom a long time to talk my Dad into getting a TV. By the time we got "an idiot box", as my Dad liked to call it, I was twelve years old and they were already making colour TV's.

I must have learned to love popcorn in Africa as a child, but I can't remember that. I do remember that I was allowed to request my favorite foods for my birthday parties, and even though popcorn must have been a bit difficult to get in Finland, we had popcorn. My guests, little Finnish people, were not as impressed with popcorn as I had hoped they would be. I'm willing to bet that like so many things, popcorn is quite common in Finland these days.

To me, it will always be a well-loved treat. Don't tamper with it much...I don't need fancy flavors. Just butter and salt.


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