Monday, December 05, 2005


I was just listening to a beautiful CD entitled The Prayer Cycle. For some reason, maybe because I also heard an interview with someone who arranges pilgrimages to Italy on CBC radio yesterday, I have started considering a how and where to make a pilgrimage. No, I don't have a particular holy place in mind, nor a saint. But it's almost as if I have a task to do before I can go on to the next step on my spiritual path.

It seems traditional that pilgrimage involves walking and sleeping out under the stars. And it seems the tradition is found in cultures as diverse as India, Europe, Japan...

I tried to locate sacred places near me:
Sanctuaire Notre-Dame du Cap, Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

Sanctuaire de Ste.-Anne-de-Beaupre about 30 miles east of Quebec city.

Lac Ste. Anne in Alberta has been a sacred place for native people for more than 1,000 years and purports to have healing waters.

...Oops. I did say near me. Those places above won't do! I was thinking more of a weekend trip, within driving distance, say in Ontario.

The Martyrs Shrine in Midland, Ontario is not too far away.

Serpent Mounds Park on Rice Lake, owned and managed by the Hiawatha First Nation, contains nine burial mounds, including one that's serpent-shaped. They are believed to have been begun around 128 AD and were built up over 150 years. The mounds overlook the magnificent marsh and wildlife-filled waters of Rice Lake.

Not far from Serpent Mounds, deep within a forest northeast of Peterborough, is the compelling Petroglyphs Provincial Park, where Canada's largest known concentration of aboriginal rock carvings is found. Chiselled into the a marble rock face hundreds of years ago, some 900 petroglyphs depict turtles, snakes, birds and humans.

On a farm near Burk's Falls, Ont., Peter Camani has constructed more than a hundred “screaming head” sculptures, each one 20 feet in height. Camani says he built his otherworldly creations as a warning about environmental degradation.

At the Greensides farm in Marmora, Mary appears to Dory Tan.

And how to visit a sacred site?

Is this a quote from Ghandi? Can anybody tell me?
"Hatred does not cease by hatred. Hatred ceases only by love."


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