Sunday, January 22, 2006

visiting with "Trainspotting"

I went to visit my son again this weekend as we had planned. He was in great spirits this time. And I had the weirdest experience.

I mentioned the Ian Rankin book of shoft stories and the movie "Trainspotting", here before. So my son mentions that he is getting rid of some of his old movies and since I have an old VHS machine, I thought I'd look at them...maybe he would have something I'd want. I noticed, he had "Trainspotting" . My son had the VHS but couldn't play it as he only has a DVD player. Fine, I thought, I really don't want to see it anyway. I said, thank-you, but no, I don't think I'll take it home either. So, a little while later, there it is on TV! Not something I would have wanted to watch, but there I am. Thinking, there is some reason this weird synchorinicity has happened. I must watch this movie. I still don't know why.


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