Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fenelon Falls, part 2

.... continuing our trip around some parts of Fenelon Falls from Monday, the "last day of summer":

The tourist Information office operated by the local Chamber of Commerce is above, where Water, Oak and May Streets intersect.

Restaurants and shops can be found along May Street.

A boat has come down from Cameron Lake and has entered the lock. The water level is being lowered already. People walking along the canal and the lock enjoy stopping to watch the proceedings.

The water level drops lower... On weekends when the weather is nicer, the locks don't stop lowering and lifting boats up and down between the two lakes, and boats of all sizes line both walls of the lock.

The water exiting the lock churns up the water outside the lower gates of the lock.

The boat has descended to the lower level of the passage to Sturgeon Lake. The gates are about to open...

The lower gates open...


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