Monday, October 16, 2006


We took it easy today, at least Molly and I did. Misty on the other hand probably did 5 km for every 1 km Molly and I did. Misty raced ahead, circled wide and passed us from behind many times. Often, her excited shrill bark could be heard far in the woods. Molly is becoming less excitable and it was fairly easy to persuade her to stay near me. I was conscious that we were walking pretty close to dusk so the possibility of encountering porcupines was greater. You know Molly has a bad history with porcupines!

It's practically impossible to walk without the noise of crunching leaves underfoot.

The leaves of wild grapevines have fallen away, exposing vines heavy with grapes. This vine wrapped itself around a maple sapling. I can't recall a time when I've seen such a heavy crop of grapes!

I'd love to know what the growths on this leaf are -- a fungal infection?

An oak sapling showing off it's red autumn finery.

The dogs stop to refresh themselves. Molly was panting, but because I walked instead of doing a run today, she was able to keep up.

The cry of what I think might be a red-tailed hawk let us know he/she was irritated by our intrusion on his/her domain.

I'm a big fan of the fuzzy foliage of verbascum. Next year, it will send up its spires in an architectural statement to rival any cathedral spire.

It's dusk, but perhaps the flash illuminates betten than natural light the way this grass that curls when it dries in a way that I adore,

as it also seems to highlight the seedheads of the same grass. The seedheads often tower to just over my head!
The homes of the porcupines we have encountered in the past still seem to be occupied by porcupines. The odour of their recent excrement was quite distinct downwind, even to a non-canine nose! Misty tried to climb a tree or two, but as we neared home, Molly hardly paid any attention at all, she was so winded.


Anonymous marja-leena said...

Beautiful photos, Kati!

10:58 p.m.  
Blogger Girl Gone Gardening said...

I am startled, that the foilage- grasses, grapes, etc--- on your walk, seems so similar to my walks in indiana. I too have noted the huge crop of grapes this year. I've been munching on plenty! and the funny leaf growths...we have those too!

11:41 p.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

I have been to Indiana many years ago. My usual trip to the states to see my sister, however, takes me straight down I95. I think we would see really different flora in the Rockies and on the other side, or maybe the deep South?? Even in Kentucky, the flora is quite familiar. It may be larger(the hollies are what I notice) and come on earlier in the spring, that's all. Hmmnnn, there's a gum tree, I think that I see in KY that I don't see here...Now, you've got me thinking!!

11:48 a.m.  
Blogger Blackswamp_Girl said...

Great pics, Kati. :) Is the stuff on those leaves gall? I'm not as up on my leaf diagnosis as I wish I were...

6:48 p.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

Kim, I don't know what that stuff is on the leaves. I've seen it enough times before though!

12:40 a.m.  

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