Thursday, November 16, 2006

migrants returning

Some grey juncos are hopping about on the back deck this morning. I had not seen them yet since last winter., and I'm pleased to see their return.

The forecast is calling for a lot of rain, but seeing the juncos has me wondering, if it won't be snow instead.

It's a miserable day and I confess I'm not looking forward to my run. It's getting dressed that is such a chore, choosing something that will keep me warm, but not too warm, something that will keep me dry without interfering with my movement. Besides, my pajamas and favorite yellow bathrobe are so comfortable and cozy right now, that the thought of stripping them off, even for a few seconds, in this drafty old house is something I could put off forever, if life were like that.

Despite all that, I know, when I actually get outdoors, I'll revel in it. A fine misty rain is being swept before a wind which is picking up strength. The wind was only ruffling the tops of the corn earlier this morning. Now, the wind is making waves across the corn. Who knows which creatures I might meet out there today?

The other day in the woods I was so close I could have touched the tail feathers of a red-tailed hawk perched in a dead tree beside the laneway. When I stopped to pull out my camera, it sailed serenely away through the trees.

The turkeys are congregating into larger flocks now. They stroll across the meadows and through the woods in disorganized lines, a straggler sometimes running madly to catch up with the flock. They are fun to watch.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be running wasn't I. Better get out there. But I can't resist taking the camera with me anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope Misty is alright again. As my big Berner dog also likes cows´ excrements I know the problem. But I was told it is not necessairly sewerage itself which makes dogs sick but the antihelmetika medicine which sheep and cattle get against parasites.

9:30 a.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

Now, that's interesting! It might explain the relatively short duration of Misty's symptoms. An infection would have perhaps caused symptoms that lasted longer than a day and a half!

4:02 p.m.  
Blogger Karen said...

I saw my first juncoes at the end of October. We are quite a bit southwest of you, near Kitchener. We don't get turkeys around here but we saw a sharp-shinned hawk in our backyard a few days ago. I take a camera with me when I go out, too.

10:41 a.m.  

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