Monday, April 02, 2007

back home

My eldest daughter picked me up at the airport in Toronto yesterday afternoon. Given the 8 hours time-difference between Addis Ababa and Toronto, I thought maybe spending the night with my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter would be wiser than trying to drive home right away. I'll continue on my way to my own home, dog and gardens today, armed with my own "to Gramma, love Kaylee" drawing! What could be better than that??

This trip to Ethiopia has been incredible, fun, challenging, awe-inspiring and even scary at times. I'll admit, the scary parts were completely my own idiotic doing. I'm sureI'll get to all that later, as I can't seem to resist talking about my life here anyway.

I had the opportunity to talk with so many interesting people and I hope will be able to continue friendships with several of them. And! Be warned. I took lots and lots of pictures...

And I'm already crazy with longing to go back to Ethiopia. Oh dear. How on earth will I manage that? But I have to!

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Blogger Xris said...

Welcome home!

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