Friday, April 13, 2007

bloomin' today

African violets.

Hurray for these little spots of brightness indoors because it's just too cold to enjoy anything outside!

A few snow flurries today indicate how cold it is, generally. The rain stopped, the snow melted and the sun is trying to shine through. A cold wind has come up which, I am eagerly hoping will dry things up a little faster. It's far too soggy in the garden still to do anything but create heavy clods of clay later on if I should attempt to mess around out there now. Brrrrrrrrr-r-r-rr! Besides, it's far too cold for me.

After visiting Tyra's Garden, where I found photos of spring bulbs in Amsterdam (Tyra actually gardens in Sweden), I realize I need more bulbs, especially bulbs in all the colours of Easter Eggs!

I am resolving to plant lots more spring-blooming bulbs this coming fall. The few brave crocus (never enough!!), which are trying to provide that hit of colour we long for after a long winter, are a bit tattered after the snows of the last week. The jonquils and daffodils haven't quite opened up yet...Yes, I most certainly do need to plant lots and lots more bulbs!

And now something to think about: coming, April 22, 2007. How will you remember the Earth on Earth Day?

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