Saturday, June 14, 2008

race day

in my friend Fiona's garden, after the race

Graduation race day. Most of our 10 km clinic gang from the Whitby Running Room entered the Ajax Along the Lake Race that went off today! They even had a 1 km race for elementary school age kids -- who were so cute! Awwwww...

Kinda steamy day, cloudy with the odd sprinkle of rain, about 22 degrees C., then a cool breeze in your face (aaaah!) on the return after the 7.5 km turn-around point. The route is along the lovely waterfront trail in Ajax.
So here's me, high as a kite on endorphins and on the fact that I came in 2nd in my age group of women (pooh pooh all you want that it was a narrow field to compete against; I'm ga-ga over myself!) and have the fancy medal and everything to prove it! I even beat my personal best by a bit over 3 minutes!

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