Wednesday, March 19, 2008

packing boxes

Here I go again. Packing boxes full of my books.

I've been dreading it, so I was surprised at how enjoyable I found it to be. You see, the surprise came in holding in my hands, even if it was ever so briefly, books that I have often fondly re-read several times. You sometimes develop a blind spot for books that sit in their usual place on your shelves, untouched for a while. Having to move is an opportunity to make their reacquantance!

I had to move fast because I have been as disorganized as usual and the deadline/date for the movers is imminent! But, still, I enjoyed the glimpse of certain books, like glimpses of faces of old friends. Here, a book of herbal remedies by Rosemary Gladstar, there A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by Karen Armstrong, -- aaah! I remember reading this in university -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery's Le petit prince, The Greens Cookbook, by Deborah Madison, yum, yum, and ...

...OH! I forgot that I still have all this music for the pipe organ! I'll have to play some of it when I get unpacked at the other end, even if I'll have to jump around a bit with the left hand to play the foot-pedal notes...can't decide if seeing my violin music again is a good thing or a bad thing. Did I ever tell you the ambivalent story of how I came to take violin lessons as a kid? I confess, re-learning the violin is on my 43 things to do -- maybe. Am I crazy???

The good news, to bring y'all up to date, is that I have found a nice, bright apartment closer to my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law, closer to many of my friends, closer to work, closer to my gym, and closer to the Running Room and my running-clinic friends. I'll post pics when I get a bit more organized (sigh of relief that I can remember where I put my camera!)

And I'm already planning where to put plants, of course!


Blogger Clare said...

I was lucky enough through most of my moves to have "professionals" move me. In my transfer from Saskatoon to the NWT one of the packers was a young woman on her first job. After awhile she came out of the office with a book in each hand and implored to her boss "Does everyone have this many books?"

And an aside on Le Petit Prince, or rather on Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Just this last week in the news was an article that the German pilot who probably shot him down in France has been discovered. One of his comments was that they had studied Le Petit Prince in school and had he only known that the pilot was Saint-Exupery... he would never had pulled the trigger.

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