Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I got out of bed this morning, flipped the radio on, only to catch a statement from one of those endless parades of "talking heads" that are asked to give us their expert opinion on every issue that comes up. This guy was saying basically, that the two sides (Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza strip) both have to own the fact that they are at war. This has gone on so long that neither side is simply seeking justice for wrongs on the other side. Both sides are initiating acts of war against the other. That made imminent sense to me.

Immediately following him, another talking head jumped in and started in on a long harangue, listing the sins of the other (I'm deliberately not naming whose side he was on). To me, this just illustrated the point that somebody in this endlessly repetitive dispute needs to step outside the box, relieve my disgust with the whole mess, and say, "enough, already!"

People often tend to enter "talks" with no intention of hearing the other. Isn't it possible that if we really heard the other, we could create something wonderfully new, like maybe, heaven forbid, peace?

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