Sunday, October 19, 2008

the garden

Oh, in case you think all I do is run and work these days, I do also get out into the garden once in a while.

Right now, I'm enjoying the yellow and red leaves on the big maple trees outside my window. In landscaping terms, they are "borrowed elements" from the complex of homes to the north of me, but I don't mind that. I'm also borrowing the trees from the park that is west of me. The trees are MY landscape now. And the colour is glorious!!

I tidied up the little beds I planted this summer in front of the building. I brought the two pots indoors and I'm hoping to overwinter the Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’ (Common name : Purple Fountain Grass). The Salvia officinalis 'Tricolor' and the Sedum x 'Frosty Morn' I popped in the ground. The Strobilanthes 'Persian Shield' will also hopefully be overwintered indoors, but the Verbena 'Lanai Peach' and the million bells, I discarded.
I regret now that I hardly took any photos of the wee garden and the pots because they did have their moments. Ah well. I can't hold on to everything, no matter how hard I try.
The kidlet across the hall from me put some rubber snakes in the garden this summer, her theory being that they would keep the squirrels away. Not effective against the squirrels, but I'll admit they did give me the heeby-geebies when I cleaned them up in my kitchen sink before giving them back to her. At least I got a "Thank-you" note for my efforts in her sweet childish and spelling & writing, which tickled me no end!



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