Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving

Dear (friend)
Oh Bizarre! It was supposed to be a busy but pleasant weekend, but it was only confusing, tiring and disappointing. I certainly HOPE your weekend was nicer!I had an absolutely great 12-ish (that's Mary's fault as always!) km run on Friday night -- even with the steep hill on the way back to the Running Room west of Thornton! Then, it went downhill from there. Despite having eaten well, etc., two beers went straight to my head afterwards. Phew! Thank god I wasn't driving.

Then on Sat morning, I was supposed to meet my Amharic tutor. I thought he didn't show, he thought I didn't show, but the whole time, we were sitting at tables in the central hall of the Toronto Research Library, merely yards apart, his nose in a book, me with my back to him, looking for him to come in the main doors. He didn't have his cell phone, I couldn't reach him...I went back to Oshawa, hoping to have a good breakfast (never mind! my schedule is that works for me, okay?)

Somebody told me that they have good breakfasts with fruit, etc. at Dines. Okay. So I went there only to discover that it was a pretty run-of-the-mill greasy spoon. No fresh fruit for you, idiot! So I had an omelet, all the while cursing myself for forgetting how many greasy meals I had "enjoyed " at this certain fat@#$%& friend's house! (okay, I admit, I was starting to feel like being really, really mean!)

So I went home, had a nap. Now, midday naps usually leave me feeling even more mean. But I forced myself to get up. I shopped for my groceries. Then I was too tired to put them away except for the stuff that just absolutely had to go in the freezer or fridge, OR ELSE!!!I fell asleep on the couch in front of the tv and got an awful crink in my neck. I woke up and stumbled into bed at about 3 am.

I had sensibly set the alarm, so I didn't oversleep and miss my Sunday morning run. It was supposed to be a long,slow,steady 20km loop up to Winchester Drive, then back down Thornton. The weather was perfect. Sunny, cool, no wind. I figured out pretty quickly that Jim was setting an awfully fast pace. This was no LDS, even for him. Damn. But I hate running alone, as nobody else running this morning runs at my much slower pace. Damn. I kept up with them all the way to Rossland Road, on the home stretch. By Adelaide, I lost them. Thank god Kieran's foot was bothering him and Mary had indigestion...Anyway, I made it up that hill on King St. west of Thornton, back to the Running Room on Thickson. And Jim and Mary are congratulating me, saying they think I'm getting really fast...HUH??I'm dying here, running MY race pace or better on what was supposed to be a nice easy LSD!!! Is everybody crazy, me most of all??? We went for our usual coffee etc and I almost puked up my muffin and coffee I was so wiped out.

I went home for a nap. When I woke up, it was just going on 3 o'clock. There was a message on my machine saying Jim made a mistake, he was running with a bunch at 8:30 am, Mary's bunch running at 10:30. I could choose from two groups to run with, Monday morning. There was a message from work asking if I'd like to work the day shift, 7 am to 3pm, instead of the evening shift I was scheduled for. Bonus, I thought, miss a run but, this way, I would be able to have Thanksgiving dinner with either my daughter and her husband's family or at Mary's, or hey, even both -- I mean Mary's party would be "-ish", which means it would stretch into the wee hours!! I phoned work. Noooo...the secretary on now didn't know about needs for the day shift. She was told the staffing was okay. Hopes dashed.

Monday, I was still shattered. Man, I felt like I'd run a half-marathon everyday for a week! Run at 8:30??forget it. Run at 10:30??! I have to get ready for work!!!Dull brain, sluggish brain, tired tired tired at work all evening! Missed Thanksgiving altogether. Missed running. Nobody loves me.

Tuesday, oh YEAH! The groceries! The laundry! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Catch up! I thought long weekends were supposed to be relaxing? I obviously don't have the hang of how to do weekends. Really hope yours was better.




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