Sunday, January 22, 2006

hurray, snow!

the laneway, sparkling with snow

out towards the main road

Over the last couple of days, we have received a little bit of snow. In fact, yesterday, when I got out of bed, all the branches of the trees and shrubs were heavy with it. And between intermittent snow flurries, we had sunshine and blue sky!

We had blue sky today as well. Lovely, lovely day! The sunset was all peach and pink and violet with streaks and curls of cloud tinted by the setting sun.

I saw a couple of deer in a marshy area a little north of here--near Coboconk--as I drove home from visit to son.

And in the woods, on my walk today, I saw tracks of a large-ish bird, not as big as the turkeys (grouse?). I really do need to get myself some books to identify the tracks I see. Also by the pond, I saw the tracks that looked a bit like small hands with claws, with little drag-marks between footsteps, tracks of a four-footed animal.

The peace and quiet of my walk was disturbed by the buzz & whining of snow-mobiles somewhere to the south of us. Maybe not as noisy as the power-boats were on the lake and canal this past summer, but still...When will noise-polution be outlawed, please?

I sometimes wonder, if there were absolutely no traffic noise at all, EVER...would I be afraid of the unfamiliar silence? (and we really get very,very little traffic noise here, relatively speaking)


Anonymous joared said...

Beautiful scenes similar to ones I remember from years ago.

You must get that book, or is there a site on the Net, for small animal footprint identification. When you describe small hands and nails I immediately think of racoons. But around a pond can there be muskrat, minks?

Noise pollution is one of the worst pollutions. We all should have accessible outdoor places without the sounds of engines and man-made machinery. I think of the sounds of silence (borrowed from Simon and Garfunkel with affection.)

2:28 a.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

yes, muskrat, mink or raccoon maybe--don't some or all of these critters hibernate? I did mean to join our local Naturalists of those things left to do

2:32 a.m.  

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