Saturday, May 13, 2006


Granddaughter Kaylee kissed a boy at school. She had been talking about him a lot, so he must be beautiful, indeed. But Kaylee's Mommy and Daddy didn't think it was a good idea for her to kiss him as she said she planned to do.

The trouble was, she did kiss him anyway at school one day. Then her conscience began to trouble her and she confessed to her Junior Kindergarten teacher that Mommy and Daddy were going to be mad because she had kissed Bryce.

A couple of weeks later, Uncle Devon came over for supper. Mommy was telling Uncle Devon about the kissing-a-boy thing (she's worried Kaylee is starting early on being as boy-crazy as Mom was at 14 -- yes, she really is!--even though Gramma thinks 4 and 14 are very different!! A 14-yr old doesn't find endless amusement in potty-words like poo-poo and toot, after all.)

"Ac-tually!" Kaylee piped up. She had been listening to the grown-ups' conversation. "Actually, I kissed two boys and a girl! But don't worry. I kissed the girl a long time ago."

Auntie Alli reminds everyone concerned, that in Kindergarten and well into grades 1 & 2, she and her friends at schools held elaborate playground weddings on a daily basis, the arrangements of the bride/groom/ newlyweds changing daily.

My housemate Ann thinks we as adults have rather closed ourselves off, unable anymore to connect to our true selves, and freely appreciate a beautiful boy or girl and just kiss them!

It is rather amusing to think what a different world it might be if we were to be, as Jesus recommended, "as little children!"


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