Wednesday, May 17, 2006


This afternoon, after a very productive writing session on my novel-in-progress, I went out to enjoy the sunshine that had come out to play. Molly, Misty and Tasha were bouncing up and down around me when I noticed morels on the ground at the edge of the woodsy areas along the south fence. Morels are a spring mushroom, distinguished by their honeycombed surface. There are other mushrooms that look similar which are poisonous, so pick carefully or with the guidance of an expert 'shroomer at first. The edible ones have a hollow stem that is of one piece with the hollow cap. Anyway, we had morels for supper!

Sauteed Morrels with Garlic and Parsley
With a slightly smoky-woodsy flavor morels are lovely sautéed, whole or sliced open lengthwise, with just a little butter, then seasoned with salt and pepper. Or you can sauté them with olive oil or butter; then, when the mushrooms are golden, season with a little salt and pepper, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and toss with chopped fresh parsley and a finely minced clove of garlic. Sauteed morels are divine on top of a tender cooked pasta, accompanied by steamed asparagus, fiddlehead ferns, or peas.

Morels with tarragon and cream
Morels are also great this way: sauteed until lightly browned, seasoned with salt and pepper. Toss in a little dry white wine, simmer until wine reduced by half. Add cream and creme fraiche or sour cream, simmer some more. Add chopped parsley, garlic and tarragon and serve over toast or pasta.

Check out more information on morels, how to find them, how to cook them, here:
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Blogger Zoey said...

Ah, morels. I used to pick them every year when I was a kid. It was a real "event" around here in mid-May. Everyone had their secret morel-picking spot.

I haven't had them in years.

I bet yours were delicious. I know I used to love them just fried up in butter.

4:17 a.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

Oh yes. Simply fried in butter lets the flavor just shine! I went out a couple of days later to look for more morels and found...just one!

10:13 p.m.  

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