Tuesday, October 17, 2006

rain, rain, rain

Now that the leaves are coming off the trees, the lake, not visible all summer, is back. This is looking slightly north of west. A bitter wind blows across the lake and up this hillside in the winter. I must say, I'm not looking forward to that.

This is where we finished our walk yesterday afternoon, at the gate to a field which is across the laneway and directly north of my front door, the one that most people on farms here never use. I do have steps to my door, rotting away though they be. I laugh to see many farmhouses around here no longer even have steps to the front door.

Speaking of doors, my youngest daughter asked me the other day if I ever feel scared. You see, I started counting all the doors I check and lock before going to bed, and I think I came up with the number 5. As if a simple lock could keep anybody that really wanted to get in, out. No, I feel quite safe. I probably lock the doors more out of a fear that they might blow open (as they have because of some of the doors are warped and don't latch well) allowing critters to wander into the house at will. After all, I already share the house with chipmunks, mice, spiders and other bugs, and bats, at the very least!

I worry about other things. For example, I probably should disconnect the downspout from the cistern and reconnect it to the spout that will direct rain away from the foundation. I probably should start thinking about getting plastic up on the windows to help make them less drafty for the coming freezing weather. I probably should make sure the windows and vents in the greenhouse are closed. I probably should clean out the hummingbird feeders and store them away for the winter. I probably should clean and repair the winter bird feeders and set them up in the garden. I probably should drain and clean out the water barrel in the vege-garden....never mind: I know you don't want to hear the rest of the list!

It's raining today, there's a fair bit of wind and it's cold, 13 degrees C. Not a day I want to be outside attending to the endless gardening chores that are still undone. Ah well. Not that I have the time anyhow. I have to drive in to the city again today. What has me sitting, stupid, is that I can't think of anything I want to fix to take for my lunch. Not inspired to cook today at all.


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