Friday, November 24, 2006

sunshine & frosty mornings

Following are some pictures from my morning runs this week, brilliant sunny mornings, where frost tips everything in a sparkling magic, until the sun comes around and melts it all.

I do try not to stop every second as a thousand pretty things demand to be captured on camera, but as you can see, I haven't completely succeeded. Still, I did manage to ignore weird droppings/spoor that seemed to contain a lot of bark or ?pine cones, more mushrooms that piqued my curiosity, the tracks of deer in the sand, pretty white seeds on pink stems, or clusters of orange tear-drop seeds hanging like jewelry from tall thorny shrubs...

Misty sees no point in going the whole loop around the point with me. She opts to head back home on her own via the cornfield-shortcut again, abandoning me to run on alone. She flies down the laneway on tiptoes to meet me a half-hour later when I sprint past the barn on the last leg of my run to the house! She bounces around in a celebratory, waggy-tail dance, as if I've been away for years.

I feel like celebrating myself perhaps due to the endorphins released by my run. But I have read the negative ions in the atmosphere outdoors also promote the production of endorphins. I run more for the cardio-benefits, but have always loved the outdoors, whether or not I'm 'getting exercise', because it never, ever fails to boost my spirits! Negative ions, endorphins, whatever. All that matters very little to me. I get a high, rain or shine, when outdoors, just by being immersed in the endless, varied, beautiful, living and breathing natural world.

How can it not make you feel better? Just look around you and breathe it in!

As I run down the back end of the laneway towards the lake, I pass a cedar rail fence draped with bittersweet vine and wild grapes.


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