Wednesday, January 25, 2006

rain in the city

Yesterday afternoon, rain in the city alternated with the occasional snow flurries which melted as they hit the ground. Less than 20 minutes north of the city, the snow started to stick, even before I had reached the beginning of the Oak Ridges Moraine.

At my paying job yesterday evening, one of my clients, a sweet, wrinkled and wizened little old Italian gentleman, said he had started praying for me when he saw the snow flurries, knowing I would have a fair distance to drive in the snow to get home. As he told me this, there was a lull in the snow flurries. Pointing this out, he said, his prayers were answered, 'thank God'.

Little did he know that it continued to snow north of the city on & off and the temperature being few degrees colder allowed the snow to stick around... But it still gives me a warm feeling to remember his friendly smile and broken English and his gesture of the sign of the cross as he told me he had said a little prayer for me.


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