Sunday, February 12, 2006

what's this?

What's this? The acid green in the groove of the cedar rail fencing looked, at first glance, like algae, but dry and exposed to the western sun, and on the highest rail, as I looked closer at it, I decided it might be some sort of lichen. Anyone able to enlighten me here?

Here is a marvelous site full of unbelievable photographs of desert flowers in California. This site will take you to a beautiful meditative place, so make sure you devote lots of time to it. I wish I had the $$ to buy dozens of these photos in huge prints to hang on my walls!

And here is a story that will remind you that even though there is so much evil in the world, heaven can still be "other people".


Anonymous joared said...

Sorry I can't shed any light on your lichen, but hope someone does.

Your link to those Calif. flower sites is greatly appreciated. Years ago we were able to drive to some of those areas to view the gorgeous blooms.

What I recall most vividly were drives we took in Arizona (where in a more mountainous area I saw wild turkeys for the first time.) On our desert spring drives for several years we were accustomed to seeing various cacti in bloom rising from an otherwise seemingly barren desert.

The preceding winter one year had been excessively wet. As we drove through the usual desert lands we came to a very slight curve and rise in the road. Suddenly, around that bend the desert floor was a mass of solid golden color as far as we could see.

The seed had been dormant for several years, apparently, only to come to life again, bursting into bloom from the moisture of that year's rains.

Arizona published (may still) a magazine entitled "Arizona Highways." I had enjoyed that magazine's articles and photos for many years, but once we lived there, had never seen the desert resemble any of the magazine pictures until that day.

2:17 a.m.  

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