Saturday, February 04, 2006

moving day

There is a gas station near the canal in Fenelon Falls, where the ducks often come out of the water to rest. Here in the rain, notice the one wood duck trying to blend in with the mallards?

Today was a gloomy, dreary day. Yesterday, the temperature climbed to well above freezing and with intermittent rain showers, the snow started to disappear.

I was taken aback last night, returning from the city where I helped my youngest daughter, Alli, with her move into a new apartment, to find that there was black ice on seemingly innocent pavement. I approached a stop-sign at the top of Lake Scugog a bit too fast. As I slid...and slid...and slid...I thought, idly...., it's a good thing that at this time of night there is unlikely to be much traffic in the intersection. Thankfully, I did come to a stop and was able to make my left turn. That's what driving in winter is sometimes like in Canada.

I am usually better at testing the road conditions and keep my vehicle in control. But last night, I was very, very tired.

Alli was very organized. By the time I got to the city, yesterday morning, she had packed everything in boxes, having only a couple of loads in the washer and dryer, last minute things she wanted to clean before packing and moving. Having rented only a room from a friend for the last couple of years, she didn't have a lot of stuff. Four trips across town with my little car loaded with boxes and the smaller pieces of furniture and that part was done.

Then we took a break for a bite to eat. We bought some of the odds and sods that Alli needed to set up housekeeping on her own (garbage can, toilet brush, drain board for dishes, broom and dustpan, vacuum, etc.) and some groceries. Her boyfriend Peter then met us. He had borrowed his father's truck to move the bigger stuff, Alli's bed, dresser, and bookcase. Another friend gave Alli a couch and armchair.

Here we are, Alli's friend Julie, Casper, and Alli, relaxing with well-deserved pizza and wine, after everything, including Alli's cat, Casper, was moved in. Casper has reacted very badly to moves in the past. But Alli had prepared him this time. She said she talked to him several times a day about the move for weeks. She would tell him how great it was going to be. And, sure enough, when released from the cat-carrier into the new apartment, he flattened out for only a few seconds, then started to explore. Being a very talkative cat, we heard his commentary as he went from room to room -- meow, meerrrooww. Meeooow! He couldn't find any furniture to hide out under, so he decided to go to each of us in turn, demanding to be scratched behind the ears. He is funny; his ears get all hot and pink when he's contented and enjoying himself.

At dusk today, it started to snow, big, fat, sticky snow-flakes. It is also windy, so the snow was sticking to the tree-trunks. After it got darker, it turned to freezing rain...I really prefer snow.

I re-did some cuttings of rosemary. Remember how the previous try all rotted?

Fresh rosemary with a bay leaf added to green lentils, with onion, garlic, carrot and celery, cooked into thick stew served over rice makes one of my favorite suppers. Add a salad and you're good to go!


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