Thursday, January 26, 2006

the loggers

Tasha, checking out where Misty disappeared behind the stack of logs.

See why it's so difficult to get ANY pictures of Misty when we are outdoors?

The loggers are very busy. The woods have been incredibly thinned. They don't seem to be done yet, but already, as the larger trees have been taken, the woods seem to be full of more light. Afterall, although the sun is still low on the horizon and the shadows are long even at midday, the smaller saplings don't cast as dark a shadow, do they?

I have mixed feelings about all the logging. I'm very glad they are merely thinning the woods, rather than clear cutting, but in some spots, the woods seem devastated. I see evidence of machinery everywhere. They did have the horses in there for a while, but I haven't seen them lately. And I had hoped, that near the edges of the woods and along the laneway, a buffer of larger trees might have been left in place. Ah, well, it's not my place, is it?


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