Wednesday, January 25, 2006

wild turkey adventure

Today, about 40-odd wild turkeys spent the afternoon criss-crossing the cornfield to the south of our house. I was quite frustrated in trying to photograph them. These few shots are the best I could get.

When the dogs and I set out for our afternoon walk, Misty took off like a shot after the turkeys. Several of them took to the air. I was amazed to see them fly. Most of them ran rather quickly off in different directions. Misty never even got close. Nor did I with my camera! (Misty the mighty hunter is, right this minute, curled up most comfortably in amongst the softest pillows on my bed, legs twitching as she dreams catching-turkey-dreams!)

that black dot to the right of mid-picture is Misty sprinting after the turkeys

Here's the tease of the turkey footprints everywhere between the corn stubble.

And more footprints on the turkey highway through the woods!

Molly, coming back from a peek (sniff, actually) down the turkey-highway through the woods.
Most of the tracks in this photo are of a dozen or so turkeys. Misty led the way as she usually does, and the other two caught her excitement and followed. The other two stay pretty close to me as I walk along, usually returning pretty promtly when I call them back to me. Misty makes wide circles around the general area of the path I take, pretending to be too busy sprinting off after all the wonderful scents to walk close to me. She really thinks she is the leader, you see. When she sniffs out something good and starts her excited yipping, I'm sure she thinks I'm an incredibly dumb dog for not coming to help her capture whatever it is...After all, the other two dogs get so excited and run off towards her barking to see what she's got! I'm sure, to her, I'm the most useless dog she's ever seen! As she runs past me in one direction or another, she is probably thinking: yup, there she is, plodding along, with no idea of all the interesting bits of news-filled scents that are to be found everywhere!


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Anonymous joared said...

Reminds me of the first and only time I saw wild turkeys -- on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona USA -- magnificient sight as are your photos, even if the birds are at a distance.

10:40 p.m.  

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