Friday, February 03, 2006

hope springs...

Hope springs eternal....The greenhouse with the setting sun shining through the ice & snow covered glass, almost makes one think it might get warm enough to garden soon. No, it is not warm in the greenhouse because there is no source of heat. We've had mostly cloudy weather for weeks and weeks, and as soon as the sun goes down, any heat from the sun the glass might have trapped, yields to frost very quickly.

The days are getting longer...

I've brought in some willow branches which will provide some tender green leaves soon once the warmth inside encourages the leaf-buds to open...

The rosemary cuttings I tried, rotted. Must try again. The pelargonium is doing better, the African violets are iffy, the Christmas cactus just fine, thanks!

The bulbs I brought inside to force are coming along nicely, the leaves nearly 6" long at this point.

Dibbles wrote about fungus gnats on Jan 22. Why should I not try that remedy again??!! What to do?

I have also had infestations of spider mites and aphids on the plants I've brought in from the great outdoors, but I do think I've been succesful agains the sm and a (oooh! doesn't that sound like I'm waging some sort of puritanical/Victorian war against smut??).

Speaking of smut, I read a very entertaining discussion over at Adventists of Tomorrow about the allegorical meaning of shoes or was it uncovering the feet? Read the silliness here.


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