Friday, February 10, 2006

note to self

Get outside and have some fun! It's milder today and soft, slow, lazy snowflakes are falling. The cloud cover is high and thin, so occasionally even the sun is shining out there.

Yesterday, on my first walk after breakfast (noon to people who are not on my night-owl inner time clock :) ), Tasha dug this (above) up out of the snow. It's the skull of something small, but what? It's about 2 and 1/2 inches long and the lower jaw, etc is missing. I did bring it home to clean it up and have a better look. I do hope it doesn't have gooey and icky stuff inside that might start to smell once the ice & snow melt off.

I'm busy writing as much as I can. I'm holding onto the theory that if I commit to the quantity, God will take care of the quality. Re-reading a little of Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott last night before I went to sleep, I started thinking that I need to find a writing group. Naturally, I'm very sensitive and timid about that because I ...well, I'm sensitive and touchy, ok??. However! I'm committed to this, so be warned: I may be asking you to join in my about-to-be-formed writing group, the next time I see you!

On my second walk at dusk, I lost Molly. No, the f***ing dog just went directly home on her own, but I didn't know that at the time. I retraced my steps and called and waited for her. I thought she had just taken a little detour to explore the porcupine tracks, you know, down by their tree at the edge of the farthest field north of the house. She didn't come when I called.

I walked down to the creek where I had last seen her. I walked into the woods a little way. There it gets marshy and there is also a small river. Everything is covered with ice hidden by lots of snow and I don't trust the ice. We have had too much warm weather lately for the ice to be safe. So my imagination went into overdrive. But the only footprints that I could see were those of Misty and Tasha, who stayed with me, the prints of some deer, rabbits, porcupine, and coyotes--Molly's prints are pretty distinctive in size and gait.

The undergrowth in the woods was just too thick, I couldn't find an easier deer-trail to follow and the snow was too deep. Besides I was getting tired. All this back-tracking had worn me out. I figured she would either get herself home, or I would be losing her under the ice or she would be tangled and caught by her collar into some barbed wire or whatever. I hoped the nonchalant attitude of the other two meant that Molly was fine. The sun was going down fast and it was getting bitterly cold.

So I decided to go home, going back the way I had come, rather than my usual circuitous route. I thought I might see Molly's prints if she had decided to go back home. Sure enough, about 3/4 of the way back home, there I spotted the first print. I wasn't sure, but then I spotted some more...Damn dog! There she was, running out to meet us as we got closer to the house, looking at us as if to say: "Where have you guys been? I've been home for hours wondering if you were lost or something...!"

Oh, speaking of porcupine tracks, I should have photographed them, eh? Well, you know, I was distracted. Maybe I'll catch them today and post them later, ok?


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